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The Scent of Oranges

Linda returns to the family orange farm in South Africa to attend her father’s funeral. She is drawn back to her past, to the striking beauty of her homeland and the people who still live and work there, but her country is vastly different to the one she left in 1985. A democratic government has emerged from the shame of apartheid, yet it’s a violent land where extreme poverty, AIDS and TB exist alongside western affluence and where beliefs in ancestral spirits and voodoo still linger below the surface.

Her father’s last wish was for Linda to investigate the murder of her youngest brother and the guilt of those accused. Ghosts of the past guide her search as she seeks the dangerous truths behind each new lead. As the lies unravel her family will be dishonoured, a shameful past will be revealed and yet there is one great hope for reconciliation and the future.

Author: Joan Zawatzky Pages: N/A Publication Date: N/A
The Immigrants Guide to Australia
  • Are you or your family immigrating to Australia?
  • Not sure what to expect once you arrive?
  • Would you like to learn how to find a home or employment?
  • How about finding the best schools or child care facilities?

Whether you are planning or seeking information about a future move to Australia, this must-have guide will answer your questions and provide you with tips on how to make your move easier and more successful.
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Author: Hymie Zawatzky Pages: N/A Publication Date: N/A

Retail businesses, already feeling the pinch, are facing further pressure with the Government’s introduction of the Carbon Tax, that is due to come into effect on July 1, 2012. This tax may be the last straw for many, who are trying to come to terms with the additional costs they will have to absorb when it is fully operational.

This book examines the following aspects of retail costs directly affected by the carbon tax:
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Author: Hymie Zawatzky Pages: 50 Publication Date: N/A
Retail Survival in Tough Times


Are you staying in or getting out?
Retail is under fire! Both large chains and small shops are battling to survive.

It’s tough out there for retailers. Business is changing with consumers challenging retailers to adapt to their needs and the way they want to live and shop.
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Author: Hymie Zawatzky Pages: 184 Publication Date: N/A
Australia - The Immigrant`s Guide to Retail

Are you frustrated by the unknown challenges of retail in Australia?

This book is a guide from an expert consultant about the problems and pitfalls facing the uninitiated in a retail business.

It deals with:

• The advantages and disadvantages of buying a franchise.
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Author: Hymie Zawatzky Pages: 205 Publication Date: 01 Jun 2011
Author: N/A Pages: N/A Publication Date: N/A
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