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5 out of 5 stars
Re-visiting South Africa, Solving Murders, October 11, 2011
This review is from: The Elephant`s Footprint (Paperback)

I enjoyed Joan Zawatzky`s first novel, The Scent of Oranges, and was not disappointed in her second visit to her homeland with Linda van Wyk, the fledgling detective. Linda, a nurse, returns for a vacation to her family farm and is greeted by murder, potential romance, and the new South African nation. All create an interesting mix of hope and frustration, fear and excitement, loss and renewal. The book`s characters are complex individuals, especially Linda who must face her own inner demons as well as challenging threats from others. The author`s view of the new South Africa is balanced, with old rituals and new problems creating an emerging society both modern and tribal.

This is a book that moves quickly and has many twists and turns before the crimes are solved. I thoroughly enjoyed it I highly recommend your giving it a try.