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Retail Survival in Tough Times V2

It`s tough out there for retailers trying to cope with the dramatic changes in the business’s environment. The banking crisis has challenged many retailers’ financial creditability. Inflation and the high cost of housing interest, for consumers is affecting retail sales. Pressure on the cost of staff salaries and the ability to retain staff is now one of the top priorities for most retailers in 2023 with the resultant impact on their profitability.
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Author: Hymie Zawatzky Pages: 234 Publication Date: 27 Apr 2023
The Immigrant’s Guide to Living in Australia

 Australia is a country superbly organised to assist new immigrants and overseas business people wanting to relocate their business and staff to Australia. Before taking that huge step you need to know what to look for and where to find it.

This 2022/2023 Fifth Edition of The Immigrant’s Guide to Living in Australia has been revised, improved and updated to provide you with the complete  ‘how to make it’ in Australia. Whether you are planning your journey or seeking information about a future move to Australia, this book answers all your questions and provides you with the following tips on how to make the changes easier and more successful:
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Author: Hymie Zawatzky Pages: 188 Publication Date: 05 Sep 2022
The Wind’s Song

 “The Wind’s Song” looks at the hidden spaces between who we are, and who we think we are, what we believe and what we know.

When twenty-six-year-old architect Josef’s beloved grandfather dies and his girlfriend threatens to leave him, he becomes depressed and reluctantly agrees to visit psychologist, Carla. This is the start of a relationship that will change both therapist and client.
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Author: Joan Zawatzky Pages: 298 Publication Date: 21 Jul 2022
Books by Hymie Zawatzky cover these topics: new migrants to Australia, with a migration visa, hoping to open a retail shop or store or business. His books are about finance, leases, negotiating with a landlord, buying a franchise, being a franchisee, the franchisor, shopping centres, shopping malls, tenants. They are about budgets, visiting a bank manager, managing a business, and planning. The books will interest immigrants from Asia, South Africa, U. K., Europe, India, U.S.A., Canada and elsewhere.

Books by Joan Zawatzky are set in Africa, South Africa, Rustenburg crime about murder, mystery, detectives, romance, fantasy, love, friendship,family history, witchdoctors, healers,ngakas, sangomas, the Tswana people, soccer, Blacks and Whites. Her books also deal with spirits, ancestral worship, voodoo,sorcery, sorcerers, apartheid, AIDS, poverty during a period of drought and disease.Joan writes fiction or novels while Hymie writes non-fiction or self-help books. Each could be each could be seen as a South African or an Australian writer or author. You will enjoy reading their books.