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About Joan Zawatzky

Joan Zawatzky was born in South Africa.  After completing her studies, first in art and then in psychology, she moved to Australia, where she worked for many years as a counselling psychologist.  Though painting remained a hobby, she decided to try her hand at writing.  She wrote There’s a Light at the End of the Tunnel, to help her clients overcome depression.  The Scent of Oranges, her first novel, is set in South Africa and was shortlisted for the Australian Books Alive Programme in 2007.  Recently she began writing full-time. The Elephant’s Footprint is her latest novel, and the next in her South African series. She lives in Melbourne with her husband and their Siamese cat.

Reviews for the Scent of Oranges

“The elegance of Joan Zawatzky’s writing is a big part of what makes this story so memorable and delightful.  Her words flowed right through me and led me into a story so full of life, nature and relationships.  I never wanted it to end.”   Ashley Merril, Front Street Review.  

“Zawatzky’s style is wonderfully descriptive and I felt transported to South Africa through the pages of the book.  I also loved learning more about South Africa and its people.  The Scent of Oranges dynamically explores intense interpersonal relationships and I found it fascinating.” Tara’s View on Books.