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Australia - The Immigrant`s Guide to Retail

All E-books - USD 9.99

Are you frustrated by the unknown challenges of retail in Australia?

This book is a guide from an expert consultant about the problems and pitfalls facing the uninitiated in a retail business.

It deals with:

• The advantages and disadvantages of buying a franchise.

• The dos and don’ts of entering into a lease in a shopping centre and how to negotiate with landlords, so as to ensure that you have an affordable lease.

• The sale of the business and the use of your retail lease to maximum advantage.

This is the first of three volumes about retail business and is primarily designed to inform and assist new migrants to Australia to make a success of a retail business.

However, anyone involved in retail in Australia will also enjoy and benefit from reading this book.

For a free sample of the audio booklet, click here to listen, after listening, please click on the itunes link on the left for the full and secure download.

Softcover book - USD 25.00  
Author: Hymie Zawatzky Pages: 205 Genre: Business Publication Date: 01 Jun 2011