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Elephant’s Footprint

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The Elephant’s Footprint is an intriguing crime novel laced with romance and set against a South African backdrop. Linda, a sharp and intuitive detective leaves Australia, to return to her birthplace Rustenburg, amidst the excitement of the World Cup soccer challenge. She finds the once lush farmland crippled by drought, lawlessness is on the rise and disease is rampant. At critical times, such as this, the local community seek help from their healers and witchdoctors. Even Voodoo resurfaces.

Her skill in detection is well known, and she is persuaded to join an overworked police force in a murder investigation. Initially, the police believe that an elephant savaged a young woman found dead in a nature reserve. However, it soon becomes clear that sinister human influences are at play. This is the first in a number of bizarre killings of female healers. Inundated with crime and the added responsibility of security during the World Cup, the police give up the search for the killer and she continues to investigate alone.

She meets and falls in love with George, an archaeologist working on rock paintings in the area. With his support, she challenges evil forces trying to remove her from the case. But will her perseverance and George’s scientific knowledge help her to uncover the murderer?

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Author: Joan Zawatzky Pages: 280 Genre: Fiction Publication Date: 26 Aug 2011