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STOP Family Anxiety

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This breakthrough book addresses the current problem of anxiety in families and the suffering of family members from anxiety disorders − parents, school going or younger children, teenagers or grandparents. Step-by-step solutions are offered clearly and without jargon.

This book provides families with three major ways of overcoming anxiety:

1. Stopping the cycle of anxiety spreading in families. Anxiety is like a virus. When one person suffers from anxiety, it can spread to other family members without anyone realising it is happening. Home life can begin to deteriorate and break down.

2. Ways in which a family can unite to support an anxious loved one, and how individual members can help each other to recover.

3. Information about how to cope with all common anxiety disorders, including generalised anxiety disorder, panic attacks, agoraphobia, social anxiety, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and separation anxiety. Conditions associated with anxiety such as depression, eating disorders, ADD/ADHD are discussed as well.

The issues covered in this book include:

  • • The difference between worry, everyday anxiety and anxiety disorders.
  • • Understanding relationships and developing stronger family bonds.
  • • The causes of anxiety.
  • • Changing destructive, anxious thinking with cognitive behavioural therapy.
  • • Reducing anxiety by nurturing self-esteem and developing assertiveness.
  • • Preventing anxiety caused by bullying at school, work and cyber bullying.
  • • Spiritual belief as a means of finding meaning and purpose.
  • • Methods of deep breathing, relaxation and mindfulness.
  • • The calming effect of exercise the effect of substance abuse on anxiety.
  • • Exciting current research studies on anxiety giving information and hope.

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Author: Joan Zawatzky Pages: 242 Genre: Non-Fiction Publication Date: 01 Dec 2015