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Retail Survival in Tough Times V2

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It`s tough out there for retailers trying to cope with the dramatic changes in the business’s environment. The banking crisis has challenged many retailers’ financial creditability. Inflation and the high cost of housing interest, for consumers is affecting retail sales. Pressure on the cost of staff salaries and the ability to retain staff is now one of the top priorities for most retailers in 2023 with the resultant impact on their profitability.

This book will inspire you to look forward to a confident and successful future in retail with probing questions about the running of your retail business by asking you important probing questions. It will guide you to simple solutions, from the impact of online shopping, reducing stock shrinkage, negotiating with your bank manager, and achieving a rental rebate from your landlord. It includes a detailed lease offer proposal that can be used in negotiation of your new leases with landlords, as well as ways of ensuring that your supplier is giving you the best deal. If you decide that now is the time to exit your retail business, this book will give you guidance on how to get the best deal and how to negotiate with the new buyer.

USD 9.99
Author: Hymie Zawatzky Pages: 234 Genre: Business Publication Date: 27 Apr 2023