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Love, Hope and Healing

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I am convinced that love is one of the most powerful ingredients in stories that heal. Stories inspired by love take us beyond facts. They speak to our hearts and souls. They convey our deepest emotions of compassion, gratitude, and empathy.

In this collection of seventy, inspiring stories, Joan Zawatzky draws on her wealth of professional, counselling experience to share significant moments in the lives of ordinary people of all ages and diverse cultures, who have overcome obstacles, losses, and fears through understanding, self-belief, and embracing change.

Her nourishing, meaningful stories include tales about: Tarek, a quiet refugee, who saves a younger boy and his school from a fire; Emily, caught up in the frenzy of work, who discovers that a different approach makes each day more worthwhile; Jeremy, who courageously confronts his abusive father; Su Fang, who struggles to overcome severe adversity, and Greg, who unexpectedly meets his once feared school bully.

These are stories to savour. They celebrate the power of love, and the human spirit. Stories of Love, Hope and Healing is a book that reminds us that hope can be found in the smallest of moments, and that we can achieve harmony within, and in the world around us.

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Author: Joan Zawatzky Pages: 302 Genre: Non-Fiction Publication Date: 25 Jul 2017