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Dawn in Catland

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 “Humans are easy to control.  Soon we cats may domesticate them.”

Another funny, heart-warming and insightful novel written in both cats’ point of view following their journey in the Catland series.

Bella, a ginger, therapy cat and Oliver, a handsome, Siamese show cat are unique. Not only are they delightfully charming, and at times hilarious, they share their intimate feelings and shrewd observations of their human family, vets, catteries and all that they encounter. 

“Dawn in Catland” is more than an engaging book about cats, and reveals that cats do more than eat, sleep and purr. Bella describes her visits with her counsellor owner to calm and encourage sick and sad people in hospital, while Oliver shares his experiences at cat shows. Bella and Oliver seeks answers to questions important to cats as well as people: what is the purpose of life; why animals and people are cruel and bully each other; the meaning of the word “love”, used so often; how to accept others who are different and how to adapt to a climate that seems to continually change.

They are strongly tested, and their cosy lives disrupted, when a new baby arrives followed by a dog. It is through their battles to adapt to both that they understand what love really means.

About the Author:

Joan has spent most of her working life as a counsellor, but now devotes her time to writing. She lives in Melbourne with her husband and their new cat, Lily. Though she has written non-fiction books and novels she is now writing about cats, her life- long interest and passion. “Dawn in Catland” follows her first novel about cats, “Bella-an ordinary cat with an extraordinary gift.”

USD 28.00
Author: Joan Zawatzky Pages: 288 Genre: Non-Fiction Publication Date: 23 Sep 2019