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Bella: An Ordinary Cat with an Extraordinary Gift

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Bella is a Tabby cat rescued from a garbage dump by Karen, a counsellor. Karen recognises Bella’s calm, affectionate and easy-going temperament, and she becomes Karen’s therapy cat. With her deep purr and caring touch, Bella forms powerful, healing connections with Karen’s distressed clients and with seriously ill patients in hospital.

But, Bella does not work all the time. When not playing or sleeping, she delights in describing her world and the people in it. We discover her thoughts about her owners, sad children and teenagers, family relationships, vets, catteries, dogs, her friend the duck, her dreams and much more. 

Her comfortable life is threatened when Oliver, a tiny, Siamese kitten joins the family. Bella faces the loss of some of her valuable territory in the house and struggles to understand Oliver, a different cat in many ways. When Karen has her first child, Bella encounters her greatest challenge, and discovers her true inner strength.

Joan Zawatzky is a counsellor who was inspired to write Bella – An ordinary cat with an extraordinary gift, by her own cat.

USD 18.00
Author: Joan Zawatzky Pages: 224 Genre: Fiction Publication Date: 02 Mar 2018